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Mobility Assistance


Freedom of movement is integral to maintaining independence and well-being. At Anew In-Home Care, we support you in safely navigating your surroundings.


Moving with Confidence and Support

Our expert caregivers can offer you a helping hand, with activities like getting out of bed, moving around the house, or taking a short walk outside. Through gentle assistance and encouragement, we aim to empower you to move freely and confidently, enriching your daily life. Our support is designed to give you a feeling of autonomy with every step you take.

Transfer Assistance

Our caregivers provide transfer assistance with meticulous attention to your safety and comfort. Our team is well-trained in how to help you make seamless transitions from your bed, chair, vehicle or other scenario. We prioritize your well-being in every move you make.

Walking Assistance

If you’re a senior or someone with disabilities, walking can sometimes present challenges. Our team will offer unwavering support and encouragement in every step. We can assist you in adopting safe walking practices in enjoying leisurely strolls or engaging in purposeful walks.

Stair Safety

Navigating stairs can be a great challenge. With our caregivers’ assistance, we turn this challenge into a safer endeavor. Our caregivers can provide you with support and guidance, ensuring that you ascend and descend stairs with added stability and reduced risk.

Safe Movement Around the Home

Ensuring that you can move safely around your home is a priority. Our caregivers will help in clearing obstacles, providing steady support, and in offering guidance on safer movement practices. Our goal is to prevent falls  and accidents, and encourage you to confidently engage with your living space.

Did You Know?

Engaging in regular, gentle physical activity can significantly enhance mobility for both seniors and individuals with disabilities. This not only aids in maintaining muscle strength and balance but also plays a vital role in reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

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